alarm monitoring service in houston, tx
Live Alarm Monitoring in Houston
Alarm monitoring means you have a trained dispatcher on call to determine the nature of the emergency at your home and respond immediately to send help within seconds minimizing your risk and loss.

1.Digital Alarm Monitoring: Send signals over conventional telephone line.
2.Cellular or Radio Monitoring: No phone line required send signals over a network.
3.Two Way Voice Monitoring: Enable alarm dispatchers to talk directly with customers over specially designed speaker / microphones and listen in only upon an alarm.
4.IP Monitoring: Signals are sent directly over the internet.
5.Video Monitoring: Monitoring home or business used a live video connection or recorded video clips, pictures, and other data to remotely view the premised as a follow up method after alarm event has been transmitted.

Ever home is unique, including yours. It’s the center of your life. All around you are the family and friends you cherish – your spouse, children and pets. You’re surrounded by photos, family heirlooms and a thousand other items that mean far more to you than simply what they’re worth. These are the family and treasures you value most, and the most urgent reasons to secure your home with a 24 hour monitored security system.

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