Alarm Monitoring

Get dedicated alarm monitoring in Houston at the lowest rates possible for new and existing alarm systems. Call 1 (800) 817-9339 or contact us online for a quote on your alarm system.

Immediate Response to Trouble in Houston

Alarm monitoring by a trained security dispatcher determines the nature of the emergency and responds immediately and begins the process that sends help within seconds minimizing your risk and loss.

Your alarm system monitoring options include:
  1. Digital Alarm Monitoring: Send signals over conventional telephone line.
  2. Cellular or Radio Monitoring: No phone line required send signals over a network.
  3. Two Way Voice Monitoring: Enable alarm dispatchers to talk directly with customers over specially designed speaker / microphones and listen in only upon an alarm.
  4. IP Monitoring: Signals are sent directly over the internet.
  5. Video Monitoring: Monitoring home or business uses a live video connection or recorded video clips, pictures, and other data to remotely view the premises as a follow up method after alarm event has been transmitted.
Activate Your Existing Alarm System

Order alarm monitoring service for your home’s existing alarm. We can activate and monitor your alarm for less than $20/month with no monthly contracts! Learn more about activating your existing alarm.

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